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How Do I Walk Through The Site As An Interested Individual &  Learn About LBOC ?

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  • Download the e-book to gain more insights into Live By Our Codes.
  • Book in below to have a complimentary conversation with the Katrin, a team member here to guide you on the options - OR - Book in for a Free consultation with Elisabeth to explore what you need and find out about possible ways to move you forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Value & Solutions Does Live By Our Codes Offer You?

  • A community space where you, as a member can experience living within the light at the end of the tunnel as you navigate your way to unlocking your own unique inner codes – the real YOU.
  • A motivational space that empowers and educates you through a framework of exploring and discovering your own inner mastery as you build a foundation of resiliency to connect more with your inherent self and rewrite your story.
  • Cutting-edge integrative wellness knowledge and transformational resources that deepen the interconnection between the Mind-Body-Spirit based on Elisabeth’s expertise and life experiences.
  • Measurable techniques to reframe and RISE from vulnerabilities, stressors and obstacles that have kept you down in the ashes.
  • Tried and tested strategies investing in what most resonates in your life to measurably enhance your higher realms of possibility, self-belief, confidence, self-responsibility, and quality of life.
  • Life-changing tools to discover your untapped resources that inspire a more contented state of being.
  • Anchoring of the ability to connect and move forward with what feels right for you.

What Services Does Live By Our Codes Offer? 

  • Community Membership
  • Vedic Astrology - Jyotisha
  • Brain Health Coaching & Courses
  • Resiliency Coaching
Certified life coach and astrologer specialising in resilience coaching


Astrology chart and Reflection synergy

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