7 Keys To A Foundation Of Resiliency

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Key 1
I AM Self Belief

Self-acceptance, self-empowerment and compassion are utilised to put attention on ways to strengthen more self-leadership, kindness and optimism towards ourselves where we become our own best friend.

When implementing the first key we become aligned to and express our own core values, principles, philosophy and world view. We create more genuine empowering connections within ourselves and in relations with others through being able to harness more reciprocal responses that generate gratitude and lightness.

Here we have a sense of self that becomes anchored through the other keys to resilience

Key 2

Mindful Breath & Presence

The awareness of the way we absorb, process and choose to assimilate and act on incoming stimuli is more accessible through present moment, mindful awareness and conscious breath. A growing awareness of moment by moment choices and the best steps forward can be explored, where we can invest in reaching our potential with optimum focus and attention.

In integrating the second key, we can also master ways to interpret the cues of potential triggers of stress and vulnerability that unfold moment to moment within our life. Contemplating action from these insights through self-regulating our choices and responses can be achieved with more efficacy, vibrancy and easeful contentment strengthening our sense of self.

Key 3

My Inner World

The third key encompasses the first two keys giving access to calmness, fortitude and strength from within our centre in times of vulnerability and stress. Here we can be freed of any misconceptions of who we are or our rightful place in the world.  Which then creates a new way of living through an inner and outer cooperation and coordination with an adaptability to changing circumstances.

 Our sense of self is supported and more resilience is built through a growing receptiveness to an inner expertise, that reveals insights and resources into more self-sustained flexibility and ease.

This flexibility and ease expands into our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions, which once experienced lead to a deeper sense of inner certainty and contentment with less intrusions that throw us off course. A healthy sense of self gives us the doorways into expressing outwardly the mastery from within.

Key 4

Gene Genie

In this fourth key lies the resources to tap within our optimal gene expression. Knowing what potentially influences and can turn on the best genes and protect against the most threatening ones, empowers our choices to affect our quality of life. More awareness on Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, quality sleep, optimum macro and micronutrients, exercise, nutrition, diet, cellular consciousness, emotional intelligence, spiritual, psychological and social nourishment opens us up to being more in the driver’s seat in our quality of life. This acknowledgement opens us up to any potential limitations, inflammation and barriers within our environment, where we can take more preventative measures and change how these factors may influence our quality of life.

Key 5

Unified intelligence

Applying the fifth key leads to the creation of a network through the 3 brains. A unified higher intelligence is created through an integration of neurogenerative and neuroprotective resources that nourish a pathway to connect with an intuitive loving compassionate heart that unlocks much hidden potential, supported by the grounding, absorption and strengthened sense of self that is anchored within the gut.

 This interconnection of the 3 brains: brain, heart and gut, creates a bridge from a previously less connected sense of self to a more connected way of being through investing in what becomes a unified intelligence.

Key 6

The Phoenix Rising

In the sixth key, we focus on conserving our energy, building and sustaining our life force and wellbeing through discerning and recognising any energy drains. Conserving our energy frees up more space to provide nourishment and wellbeing. 

The phoenix rises through reframing vulnerabilities and triggers of stress where our capacity to bounce back is re-energised and supported by letting go of what no longer serves our higher purpose.

We can retrain ourselves to remain calm, be undisturbed and to only respond to what feeds our life force, rejuvenates us, conserving our wellbeing. Simultaneously we invest in more lightness, peace, harmony and ease which gives us more access to a purposeful life with a more invested foundation of resilience.

Key 7

Unified Support System

The seventh key engages with our more alert sense of self, the present mindful state of being and breath we experience, where our outer world and reality can all be influenced from within our centre. Within our centre is an inner expertise that shares insights and resources through a unified intelligence from the interconnection between the 3 brains. These insights and additional education optimise our potential for gene expression. This draws to us what we need to nourish ourselves with and provides filters to discern what needs to be let go of as well. 

In this last key we transcend previous limitations, recurring patterns, unconscious, subconscious, biological, behavioral, cognitive, energetic and emotional stressors that can be more buffered, transformed and understood through a wiser, more grounded, centred state of interconnected Mind-Body-Spirit. This unified support system brings attention to where we need to focus on more self-investment and reframe current interpretations and perceptions in life to tap more into an inner expertise and more purposeful life.   An inner radar is created through the synergy of the Mind-Body-Spirit to lighten and free us from the ongoing hamster wheel experiences in life.   An inner expertise communicates through this radar more purposeful choices, providing solutions and navigational points on a compass in the direction to find what we most desire and want to be free from.