Emerald Team

Warmest Welcome
My Name Is Elisabeth .
I AM The Founder Of Live By Our Codes.

Our focus here is to walk along side you and offer ways for you to become aware, assimilate and align to steps that build up the momentum towards self-sustaining resilience.

Here you can create a motivational space to connect with your most easeful self that provides ongoing resources to access any time in need.

Living by our own resiliency codes interconnects the body, mind and spirit to create a foundation of ways to invest and engage in our own invaluable potential to meet outside demands and experiences in life.

This potential brings balance and harmony through self-sustaining tools, resources, strategies and solutions to living our best life. This growing self-mastery creates an inner expertise consisting of many resources that support a happier more content quality of life that you can draw upon anytime in need.

Here we focus on enhancing your higher potential through transformational equanimous resiliency resources.  Live By Our Codes offers an interconnected metaphysical quantum synergy of cooperative modalities that facilitate unique ways for individuals and groups to make peace within their own inner world and that then extends out into the wider world, providing life changing ways to live your best life.  

Warmest Welcome, My Name Is Katrin & I Am Part Of The Emerald Team Here At Live By Our Codes.

Hello, my name is Katrin.  I am a committed Emerald Team Member at Live By Our Codes. I am passionate about creating safe flowing group spaces to empower people in their reflective sharing and integration of Live By Our Codes resources.

As I integrate the Live By Our Codes resources into my own daily life, I am deeply nurturing the body-mind-spirit connection to follow my heart, inner guidance and life purpose. I personally experience bringing more wisdom into my life, mastering life's challenges and alchemizing them into a unique, radiant presence of stepping more into being myself. My interactive and creative skills for engaging and mentoring groups are supported through my training as a professional life coach. I feel deeply honored to be a facilitator at Live By Our Codes as it unifies what I've encountered in my life.