Within us all is the essence of what we connect to that goes beyond our everyday human consciousness. The notion and contemplation of spirit go beyond religious beliefs and traditions into more of an individualized feeling within. A receptivity to openness to connect with the spirit creates new perspectives and interpretations of yourself and your life. By connecting with spirit, connects you with re-discovered parts of yourself you can explore, then draw upon the synergy of resources revealed when needed. Many previously unmet needs become resolved, beyond the push and pull of your current world view. Connecting with spirit expands a unified intelligence and takes you beyond what is going on in the wider world, the space created once connected with spirit, aligns more to an individualized flow of more meaning within ourselves and our life. The deeper the investment of spirit the more detachment unfolds from the cyclic mass consciousness being strongly influenced and led by the powers that be in the world. We then in turn can choose to uplift the collective global consciousness by starting with ourselves as we surrender to what spirit represents for each of us.

Although the experiences are more intangible, to begin with, there is still a sense of presence and a softening of self as one connects more with the inner whispering of frequency that aligns to your own inner architect aligned to spirit. As momentum is being built up, more evidence-based transformations and events arise through a synchronistic flow. More tangible, noticeable, and purposeful coincidences which although seem bizarre and mysteriously unfold out of nowhere then become more of the conscious communication of spirit. This exploration of spirit creates a more harmonizing flow and awareness of these synchronistic experiences that occur. A synergy of awareness integrates into our lives, as does a powerful antidote that diminishes self-doubt and disbelief in ourselves and that of the rational mind. Although the rational mind is doing its best to fathom what is taking place, it has also created a past sense of familiarity that has now outlived its purpose. Here is where surrender to this outlived familiarity is offered, inviting more ease and flow, by allowing spirit to move into the vacuum created by letting go of the rational mind's perceived control. This then transforms your expansion of consciousness through the navigation of oneness with spirit, where your own will aligns with the divine will, resulting in more accelerated ways to reach your higher potential.

As you connect with each baby step moving forward to the oneness with spirit, more attentiveness comes naturally to thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions including the way seeds of intent are planted in your life. These seeds of intent draw to you transformational knowledge that is transferable into creating a bridge of co-creation to draw upon your own inherent wisdom within. This wisdom then aligns with new seeds of co-creation through loving-kindness, compassionate wisdom, and peace which also builds resilience to the consequences of seeds already playing out. New insights and increased attentiveness create life-changing opportunities to maximise your gene expression and activate your meta being that facilitates shifting underlying blocks and obstacles to restore a self-sustaining sacred flow that can be drawn upon anytime. From a birds-eye view, life is then unfolded through the multi-dimensional self, that lives a more purposeful life through the eyes of spirit, where your awakened breath then takes a new lease on life through the frequency of motivation expanding into the grace of a discerning concept of spirit. The oneness with spirit catalyses your sense of self to embody divine qualities, of receptivity that honours your divine point of consciousness that naturally accesses a more mindful presence providing a stillness of ease to reside in. The exploration of Spirit is empowered within Live By Our Codes.