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As we contemplate our quality of life and wellbeing, to reach our higher potential aligned to our own inner mastery, empowering ourselves to move forward into opening doors of change, new pathways of potential also unfold within each of our minds.  

Ask yourself are you familiar with the myriad of pathways that lead to a re-calibration and upgrade of your mind? 

Our mind, once self-mentored and supported by the experts in the field to align to what feels right for each of us then becomes a new bridge to a new unimaginable quality of life.   I now live my higher potential simultaneously moving through life with a new mind part of which is a daily experience with an acquired brain injury.   Each day I awake to some aspect of my own multifaceted mind and walk in both shoes of the professional and the one also receptive to the ongoing steps of change.  I walk this pathway daily with a receptivity to greet new opportunities to master neuroplasticity, to set new intentions that are more purposeful, more conscious and focused with an expanded attentiveness to what I most desire and the most gentle way forward to my new quality of mind.

As a licensed Brain Health Coach and Brain Health Course Trainer, the resources provided within Live By Our Codes represent break through ways to optimize your mind.   As does guest presenters such as Amanda Joy, also known as the Joyful Mind Mentor. Amanda Joy is featured below as is access to her ongoing invaluable podcasts which are deeply appreciated at Live By Our Codes.    

Our multifaceted mind has unlimited possibilities as we choose new intentions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions that align to a higher potential. We then draw to ourselves what it is we desire for our life and what it is we wish to experience. Whatever each of us choose as our heightened quality of life, we then set new compass points, move forward navigating ourselves to live with an optimal mind.

Our mind, then becomes a tool of alchemy and transforms what currently holds us back from a new reality of exploring new pathways to synchronize to an expanded intelligence within the mind.  New choices anchor to a higher quality of your mind as does new knowledge, tools, and resources that support the navigation of an expanded awareness to understand the determinants of a healthy optimally functioning mind that becomes one of your best life's assets.  

Live By Our Codes was founded with an intention to support anyone in resonance to connect with their potential, through connecting with their own inner mastery, which includes your mind and here at Live By Our Codes a self efficacy is commonly experienced through a changing sense of self and quality of mind, where you can then access and express a new creativity including the alchemizing qualities of your mind as you reach what has held you back.