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Jyotisha is considered to be one of the oldest systems of astrology in the world, referred to as Vedic Astrology. In Sanskrit, Jyoti represents 'light, awareness, purity, divinity', and Ish is “science" this integration of Jyotisha is the "science of light”

Jyotisha is an ancient sacred science of wisdom, containing  sacred spiritual wisdom, a synergy of this wisdom, also including multifaceted knowledge of ancient legends and symbology that connects to the way the stars and planets live through us.

The planets can be referred to as Demi-gods that manifest different aspects of gods will and the divine influences here amongst us. Jyotish is also known as Vedic Astrology where science provides interpretations of the way the stars within the constellations, the different planetary consciousness, and the 2 nodes express themselves through individuals and the collective.

The knowledge and wisdom of Jyotisha are taught and drawn from ancient scriptures that align with becoming aware of what is being studied to make more conscious.

The invaluable information gained from a Vedic astrology session creates a new beginning reflecting ways forward through a more tailormade pathway where the currently less seen and intangible cues then radiate as you bring new awareness and attention to them. Many new truths arise as you navigate your way with new compass points to more easeful ways to live that are transferable into bringing each part of your life to align more to your meta-being and higher potential. In addition to an Individuals birth chart, there are also corresponding multi-dimensional charts available. Each focuses on specific areas of life that create an overall bridge to who you are. More understanding is gained through Jyotish aligned refinement about what you are here to do and how you are to do what you are here to do which supports more congruence with more transcendent ways indicated in the charts that become decoded within your life as you move forward with life-changing insights to a more purposeful life.