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Warmest Welcome
My Name Is Elisabeth Wightman.
I AM The Founder Of Live By Our Codes.

I have an extensive foundation of many different wellness modalities and credentials in the wellness fields including;

Brain Health Coach, Heart Math Mentor & Facilitator, Professional Life
Coach, Wellness Coach, Certified in Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics, Naturopathic Medicine, Cellular & Molecular Biology, Clinical Nutrition, The Science Of Natural Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Detoxification & Toxicology, Pathology For Natural Medicine and Theta Healing to attribute to being an Aura Soma & Energy Medicine & Bioresonance Practitioner through a foundation of a Bachelor Of Health Science. These have led to an expertise in Transformational Equanimous
Resiliency expanded by my own personal life experiences and my
current passion of becoming a Jyotisha in Vedic Astrology. Through this interconnected metaphysical quantum synergy of cooperative modalities I offer unique ways to facilitate individuals and groups to make peace within their own world that extends out into the wider world as they reach their own higher potential and the highest quality of life.

The steps of resiliency offer a deeper awareness and access through the interconnection between the Mind-Body-Spirit and the hearts consciousness that creates a new foundation to
draw upon.

Live By Our Codes is a community

focused resiliency portal which also
supports the discovery of ways to
connect with your own inner divine

As you explore and unlock the compass
points in congruence with these discoveries you
also navigate ways to become your own best asset.
This supports you to draw upon resources and master
the challenging life experiences we all meet.

How would it feel to be able to develop your own unique perspective and gain more insight and self-awareness as you're bringing yourself to a point of balance to be more insulated from life's ongoing curveballs?

Live By Our Codes empowers you to build a bridge that contains steps moving you forward from where you are now to where you most desire to be with person-centered, solution focused techniques. Each step across this newly created bridge supports you to transform vulnerabilities and reframe these through invaluable tools to recognize the real YOU.

These tools are transferred into your daily life through measurable strategies including your own untapped resources yet to be discovered. Empowering resiliency resources support you to gain more trust and faith in yourself as you initiate desired changes inspiring and giving deeper awareness of ways to enhance peace and ease. By creating a safe space to transcend any devaluing thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions, this then provides opportunities to embrace lifestyle choices of equanimity, beyond current expectations. I work one on one with individuals in resonance with what I offer and also offer memberships where regular meetings are attended in groups of up to 7 members, that creates an alchemical and empowering consciousness that lives on in daily life. Live By Our Codes offers a deepening of unified consciousness with a loving intent for yourself that is extended out to Mother Nature and the global world, to facilitate ways to be more attentive within ourselves and more flowing within the divine codes for the highest good of all involved.